Interessante ATi GDC 2004 Präsentation
Update: Leider wurde die Folie entfernt, zum Glück gibts hier nen Mirror...
Hier gibt's eine interessante Präsentation, welche einige Details zu kommenden ATi Produkten etc. aufzeigt:
  • X-box 2, wird so nicht heißen?
    • "Be careful not to mention Xbox 2 – just let everyone know that‘s what you mean"
  • Shader Model 3.0
    • It’s generally agreed that SM3.0 requires a move to 32 bit floats (some still think it’s not)
    • Although the spec does not require support for blend and fog into float surfaces you may expect this to be available on much hardware - Blend etc will be on NV40 and on our own SM3.0 parts
    • Steer people away from flow control in ps3.0 because we expect it to hurt badly.  [Also it’s the main extra feature on NV40 vs R420 so let’s discourage people from using it until R5xx shows up with decent performance...]
  • "DirectX Next"
    • Geometry generation in the VPU (If the geometry shader is “done right” it’s part of the vector processor pool – and therefore can have a vertex shader before it – and after it! Which is useful...)
    • Support for virtual memory (Will reduce the pressure to move beyond 512MB but we’ll still head in that direction...Mention that you expect to see a 512MB board in the consumer space this year. Don’t say that it’ll be R420 based!)
    • Is still being decided by Microsoft
    • Will be for the next OS only
    • Expect this circa early 2006
    • Faster small batch performance is a very high priority, which implies a new driver model
    • Will last for two or more years (DX9 lasts from Q4 2002 until the next OS)
    • What gets built into Longhorn will be the basis for their next games.  That’s games - plural. DX Next will last at least as long as DX9 (almost 4 years)
      • Shader Model 4.0
        • Is that each of the different 4.0 shaders will use the same syntax and feature set
        • This allows us to get around the major drawback of hardwired stream processors – fixed resources.
        • A pool of vector units, each at least 4 units wide (x, y, z, w or rgba).
        • It’s not really the driver which allocates resources – it’s innate to the hardware.
        • The hardware may reconfigure its-self part way through a large triangle to make use of the spare compute power.
  • CPU vs. VPU
    • People smile when they see this – because they think we‘re converging with the CPU guys
    • look at the Differences:
    • Cache Sizes - CPU = huge
    • Number of Pipeline Stages - VPU = long
    • Cache Interaction - VPU = none
    • Clock Speed - CPU = fast
    • Generality - VPU tends not to read what it writes
    • Vector oriented - VPU is fundamentally 4D
    • Number types - CPU is more flexible, supporting integers and floats easily
    • Braching – CPUs are great at predictable braching. We don‘t like any branching.
    • Also mention that our VPUs are 5D. The vertex units can paralellise a 4D op with a 1D op – giving 5 paralell results! [NV can‘t do this!]


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Matrox veröffentlicht beta DirectX 9.0 Treiber
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Notes and known issues:
- This is a BETA (unsupported) driver release for Matrox Parhelia 128MB/256MB (AGP), Matrox Parhelia 256MB (PCI), Millennium P650 and Millennium P750 customers wanting to run recent DX9 games.
- This driver is a DX8.1 driver compiled with DX9 DDK in order to run on new games that support stream offset functionality. This is an unsupported final driver, however you may discuss this driver on the Matrox technical support forums with fellow clients.
- Please uninstall your current drivers using Microsoft Add/Remove Programs before installing the new drivers. Do not uninstall your current drivers if you have Matrox RT2500, Matrox DigiSuite or Matrox Imaging products installed in your system.

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